Going Digital the Right Way

A coaching institute owner decides to opt for digital marketing to increase headcount of students. He approaches a digital marketing agency for the same. Read the below conversation to see how things pan out between them.



Startup Owner -> Coaching Institute Owner

Digital Marketing Agency Guy -> DM Guy


Startup Owner: I want to do digital marketing for getting more students to our professional skills coaching institute.


DM Guy: Sure, we can do that for you. Please share more details about your services, types of programs you offer, and your main target audience. Once we receive all these details, we will do a basic health check of your online presence and accordingly prepare a custom strategy for your business.


Startup Owner: My team will provide you the details. What will be the budget and how many leads will I get in the first month?


DM Guy: The budget will depend on the number of activities we identify for your business. We shall provide you 3 different plans – basic, intermediate and advanced (each one will be of incremental budget value).


Startup Owner: What about leads?

DM Guy: It is difficult to predict the number of leads at this moment. You will have to understand that digital marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme (in terms of getting leads instantly). It is a process that needs to be followed to improve your business’s (or brand’s)”Visibility” in the online space to eventually drive more “Engagement”, and ultimately leading to “Monetization” (or lead generation in simple terms).


Startup Owner: So, how many days will it take to get visibility and engagement done?


DM Guy: As mentioned earlier, it is a process where the most important thing for us will to be consistent with our execution and campaigns. Being consistent on all platforms that we identify as potential targets for your online marketing campaign is going to be our major goal. Once we stick to this single minded focus, results will ultimately follow.


Startup Owner: So, how many leads at the end of first month?


DM Guy: Sir, let me put it this way. Your question is like asking a Gynaecologist “What will be the height and weight of the baby when it is born?” on the first day after a woman has tested positive for pregnancy. Do you think it is possible for the Gynaecologist to give any numbers here? Please understand digital marketing is an investment you make so that you can enjoy better reach, branding, and open up multiple avenues of lead generation for your business.

Delivering a healthy baby is a process and responsibility of the Gynaec as well as the mother. A strong understanding between the two and appropriate consistency in necessary actions is most likely to give good results. Both know that even if they can’t wait for the baby to arrive, it is most likely to take 9 months before it comes out of the womb. And even if they do anything out of the box, it would still take so many number of months.


Startup Owner: I am getting confused with your example. I am concerned about my business and wish to double my revenue quickly, which is why I have approached you. Otherwise, why would I think of spending money on digital marketing? You can apply more resources and better methods to get results from the first day itself. Only then will it make sense for me to go for digital marketing.


DM Guy: Sir, I understand your eagerness, but online marketing is a game of patience and consistency. It is like planting a tree -> first you insert the seeds, nurture the plant for long, ensure it grows into a strong tree, and ultimately start enjoying the fruits for a very long period of time.

As far as applying more resources (talent and manpower) or methods won’t start giving best results from first month. Just think “Is it possible for 9 women to deliver a baby in 1 month, instead of 9?” We have to be disciplined in our approach and ensure the process is followed meticulously -> results will definitely follow.


Startup Owner: Hahaha..This is an eye opener for me. The last example definitely has given me more clarity on why I should be more patient with my expectations from digital marketing. I realize my folly and I am game for going with it. Your team will get my full support.

DM Guy: That is what’s required. We are not just a service provider, we are willing to be your digital partner. As the partnership of a Gynaec and to-be mother is important in delivering a healthy baby at the end of 9 months, similarly, our partnership will be key in delivering healthy results for your business over a long period of time.


Moral of the Story: 9 Women Cannot Deliver a Baby in 1 Month, how much so ever hard they try! Be patient and consistent with your digital marketing efforts and follow your strategy to the hilt -> results will definitely follow.

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