Top Five Tips for Using Facebook LIVE

Facebook LIVE is one of the most trending social media or Facebook features of 2018. People are slowly realizing the potential and reach of this amazing social media marketing functionality provided by Facebook. Despite its widespread popularity, many still do not know various effective ways of using Facebook LIVE.

Before we list down the best ways for using Facebook LIVE, let me give you a strong reason for doing so. If you are someone who posts a lot of videos on your YouTube channel and then promotes those YouTube video links on Facebook, then try a different method once and you will be amazed with the results.

Please understand Facebook will always give more importance and spend efforts in promoting stuff of its own (like Facebook LIVE video). You would realize this after comparing the organic reach of the same video – shot from Facebook LIVE and the other shot from a mobile, uploaded on YouTube and then promoted on Facebook. Have you ever tried this out?

In this post, let us go through some of the best tips for using Facebook LIVE in the form of some Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of Facebook LIVE.

  1. How can you increase the reach of your Facebook LIVE video?

To ensure your Facebook video is seen LIVE by many people, ensure that you broadcast the video for a longer time period. The longer the duration of your Facebook LIVE video, the more potential it has to reach out to a wider audience, and the better the chances of your friends inviting others in their network to view your video. So, try to stream your Facebook video LIVE for at least 10 minutes and you can go up to as much as 4 hours.

Another tip to ensure bigger audience for your Facebook LIVE video is to announce about the LIVE streaming few hours or even days before the actual Facebook LIVE event. This way at least your friends who are interested in that topic would keep their calendars marked for the Facebook LIVE video session. You may even choose to boost the announcement post on your Facebook page or group and let more number of people know about the LIVE video streaming timings in advance.


  1. How do you get your Facebook video viewers to engage and comment more?

You need to ensure that whoever is in charge of the Facebook LIVE video recording / shooting is able to respond to any comments on the video. You have to respond to people who comment by addressing their names and appreciating their involvement, which increases the chances of their further involvement.


  1. How can you boost Facebook LIVE videos or watch them on demand?
    Well, it is not possible to boost or promote a Facebook LIVE video while it is being broadcast. However, once the video is over, it will be automatically posted to your Facebook page, where you can then click anytime to view the whole video again. This video post on your Facebook page can be boosted to attract more audience later.

Thus, it is possible to save Facebook LIVE videos for later viewing and ad boosting.

4. How can you check the quality of Facebook LIVE video before you broadcast?
Isn’t this a lame question? Well, if you are assuming that Facebook LIVE videos directly get viewed by people without you getting any option to check / preview the video quality, then, you are wrong. Facebook has made a provision where you can do a practice video shoot by choosing ‘Share With’ option to ‘Only Me’, instead of ‘Public’ or ‘Friends’. This way you can view the initial couple of minutes of the video and once you are satisfied with the video and sound quality, you can broadcast it to your target audience. If you are unable to set the privacy settings for your video from the mobile app, make sure to use the desktop PC or laptop to get the settings right and then you can use the app (where the modified settings would be reflected automatically).

5. Can you make changes to the Facebook LIVE video after it is completed and posted on your timeline / business page?

Well, you cannot edit the video, but you can definitely modify the description and details posted about the video in terms of date, location, better description of the video, thumbnail, metadata, etc. so that you make it more searchable by people. The idea is to increase the views of the videos even after the LIVE streaming is over. And this is totally possible!

At ConTeTra, we have made use of Facebook LIVE feature for conducting workshops / training sessions on GST, IFRS, Digital Marketing, and so on. The above tips have proved to be quite useful in improving audience engagement for our Facebook LIVE videos.

Hope the above tips prove useful to you for producing great Facebook LIVE videos that are highly engaging. Feel free to share your experience of using Facebook LIVE video streaming in the comments section below.


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