Top Three Tips for Increased Training Effectiveness

Upskilling people through training programs is a very effective way of utilizing HR budgets for an organisation. The challenge comes when it is about measuring the effectiveness of the training conducted during the year.

Most employees look forward to training as a day off or a day to indulge in good food at a banquet of a five-star hotel. Very few people come around with a sincere agenda of learning & even fewer care about applying those learnings back in their work life.

In such a situation, mapping effectiveness by using traditional means like feedback form or test fails miserably. What can be done to make sure that the training held is not only effective in providing the learning inputs to the participants but also make sure that they apply whatever they have learned in the training program?

Here are the three tips for achieving training effectiveness:

Tip #1: Engaging Participants in the Content Design


After making the training need identification, the HR/Learning team need to involve the participants in the program design by sharing the outline with them and creating a platform where they can put forth their thoughts to the trainer/subject matter expert.

This step will bring about the ownership in the participants attending the program & they would be more receptive to the inputs provided by the subject matter expert.

Tip #2: Sending Teasers of the Program / Workshop

An excellent way to remind participants about the upcoming program would be to send teasers in the form of exciting images via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

These kinds of alerts will create curiosity amongst participants, making them do  research about the topic before coming to the workshop.

Tip #3: Creating a Series of Interventions

To bring in accountability, a standalone three-day workshop can be converted into six sessions conducted on Friday afternoons.

This will ensure that there will be some recap on at least five Fridays and trainer can also facilitate by assessing the usefulness of the program by seeking feedback from trainees on the application in the actual work situations.

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The author of the article is Vishal Thakkar, a best-selling author of many books published by CNBC TV18 & is an adjunct faculty for Global Family Managed Business Program at S P Jain School of Global Management, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore & Sydney. 


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