About Contetra
ConTeTra is a result of Content, Consulting, Technology and Training, coming together to bridge the learning gap via our content marketplace. Our subject matter expertise transcends space, time and medium to create need-based solutions. Ours is a scalable platform for all – be it trainers, individual learners, enterprises, businesses and more.
Story Behind Contetra

ConTeTra came into existence when the paths of three highly passionate and professionally diverse individuals crossed each other. The business idea focuses on leveraging individual expertise of each one of us and clubbing it together to achieve the common goals of ConTeTra.

Mission & Vision

To create scalable knowledge platform resulting into a triple reward system benefiting the companies, experts & the learning community.


To facilitate continuous learning process by making the subject matter expertize easily accessible.

Our Philosophy

The name ConTeTra is a blend of Content, Consulting, Technology & Training. We see a strong divine will over-riding all man-made systems and see an integration of man’s will with the divine will to lead to the success of all endeavours. We see creation as a huge multi-media classroom and living as a fun, discovery experience. ConTeTra pays a lot of attention to the process of learning and keeps itself abreast of the latest developments, both in domain expertise and updation as well as in the technology of the learning process. We see ourselves as eternal learners who share their learnings with the world at large as the journey progresses in all forms.

We do not believe that one hat fits all; customization is a critical aspect of learning processes and we achieve the same through a partnered need analysis exercise with the learning community. We try and anchor a learning attitude which opens an entire universe of possibilities in any situation. We see learning as an empowerment process for an individual and a corporation with positive tangible impacts on the bottom line. Often, there is a gap between education and its’ application in one’s functional area. ConTeTra focuses on this gap and catalyses the process of application of education in the context of real situations. Knowledge in any domain, tend to remain abstract without creative application in real time situations.