We’re passionate about helping you wield the best practices in finance to
optimise your bottom line and achieve your organisation’s strategic goals.
Let us help you get the competitive advantage you need – whether it’s
creating financial statements that make more sense for a global world,
or finance strategy that drives your business to new heights.
3 misconceptions about Finance de-mystified:
Myth #1
CFOs need to know accounting
entries as per global GAAP
Nope. What they do need to understand however – is the commercial impact of these global compliance standards. Knowing the impact on customer contracts, vendor relationships and the overall outlook for the industry is crucial for leaders. It will set the tone for your review with the board and communication with all stakeholders. We don’t just help you with implementation of IFRS or Ind AS (what the world deems a merely a “compliance”), but also give you insights on how you can optimally structure it to get the most bottom line benefit – including the use of various automation tools to make your financial reporting life easier. What are you going to do with all your free time now?
Myth #2
CFOs don’t need assistance
with number crunching

Senior finance leaders are possibly the busiest folks in the industry – that’s why we want to put more time back in your day. Our business finance and FPA services are about collaborative problem-solving: blending our finance expertise with your business acumen. We don’t just work for you, we work with you to effectively analyse business performance, identify winning strategies, perform financial modelling & project evaluation and enable strategic objectives by providing transaction advisory support.

Myth #3
Processes are streamlined
in large companies
Well, sorry to burst that bubble – but we’ve dealt with companies large and small that have needed help with setting up or migrating to a structured operating environment – whether that’s ERP implementation, instituting succession planning, corporate trainings for achieving L&D objectives specifcially for the Finance function, setting up of shared services or centres of excellence, or internal controls to ensure effective checks and balances – we’re here to help.
How can we help you?
  • International GAAP Services
  • FP&A Advisory
  • Corporate Trainings

Simplifying implementation of international GAAP & assisting with
technical accounting advisory and financial automation tools.

IFRS/Ind AS Implementation
US GAAP Advisory and Implementation
Specialised Technical Accounting Advisory
Lease Accounting Automation

Consolidation Process Automation

Specialised Technical Accounting Advisory

We ensure effective application of business finance, so you get the insights
to accelerate your growth & build a “finomenal” business!

Identifying key performance drivers
Financial modelling and projections
Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
Rolling forecasts & sensitivity analysis
ERP, Business Continuity, Succession Planning & CoE setup
Dashboard Reporting & Project Evaluations
Transaction Process Optimisation

We set you up for success by going beyond numbers & giving a holistic
view for making informed decisions. We’ve done this for companies with top
lines ranging from USD 20 million to USD 250 million across industries so
we’re well poised to handle FPA challenges big & small. How can we help you?


Achieving better talent management in a rapidly scaling world to enable
employee retention, bottomline impact & succession strategies.

IFRS and Ind AS Training > US GAAP Trainings
FPA Function Setup & Training
Offshoring & CoE setup assistance
Curated Training Products for the BFSI Industry

We specialise in curating requirement-specific trainings for the
finance function leveraging our 100+ years of subject matter expertise.

Corporate Training
The Leadership






Finance Transformation

Why Our Clients Love Us
The future of finance is all about effective delegation of expertise.
And the time to take action is now.

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