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Don’t Stop at IFRS Diploma, Become

Don’t Stop at IFRS Diploma, Become an IFRS PRO.

500+ Job Opportunities in Financial Reporting Shared in 2021

1000+ Finance Careers Transformed in IFRS, Ind AS & US GAAP

20+ IFRS / Ind AS Implementation Projects Delivered since 2015

7 Most Critical Steps for Learning IFRS / Ind AS

Our End-to-End Learning Journey for IFRS PRO

7 Most Critical Steps for Learning IFRS / Ind AS

Our End-to-End Learning Journey for IFRS PRO

Key Offerings

Level 1

To Become a Practical IFRS Expert with Clear Business Perspective

Level 2

To ACE Dip IFRS Exam & Interviews

With ConTeTra, you don’t stop at Diploma in IFRS, You become an IFRS PRO.

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Dip IFRS is an international qualification developed by ACCA, The diploma in IFRS
training online gives you a competitive edge in the international
marketplace, by developing working IFRS knowledge, in-depth
understanding & practical application of the concepts and principles of

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Why IFRS Pro


With IFRS / Ind AS at the centre, the Ideal Finance Professional in Post COVID-era has to be empowered to:
– Demonstrate Bottom-line Impact
– Become an Industry-ready IFRS PRO
– Influence Organizational Transformation


While your current or future organization might have embraced IFRS, it is critical for you to embrace IFRS practically & academically to ensure better IFRS implementation & support along with adequate compliances in financial reporting.


IFRS has been embraced by 120+ countries globally and it has become a necessity for finance & accounting professionals to upskill themselves in these International Financial Reporting Standards.


To survive in a post-COVID era, you need to be multi-skilled and explore cross-functional opportunities to add more value to your organization. IFRS is that high-value skill that the industry is looking for!


Make yourself industry ready by first mastering the practical aspects of IFRS and then topscoring your Dip IFRS exam!


Understand key differences between Indian GAAP, IFRS & Ind AS + Prepare & present Financial Statements under IFRS.


Use Tools and Templates for a Structured Approach to Provide Solutions to Challenges in IFRS and Fin Reporting.


Be the Leader in Your Finance Team for Audit Closure, Strategic Advisory, Compliances, Value Creation (for clients & company), & Revenue Generation.

WHY Should YOU Enroll & Join


Are YOU looking for next level career progression in finance?


Looking to understand business perspective of IFRS to add strategic value to your team?


Do YOU get frustrated due to lack of a structured approach in dealing with financial reporting challenges?


Do YOU want to get upskill yourself & gain practical skills for preparation of Ind AS / IFRS financial statements with checklists & templates?


Do YOU want to reduce technical arguments with auditors?


Are YOU looking for job opportunities in finance? Is growing your professional network with top tier finance professionals a priority for you?


Want to emerge as the stand-out performer in your team and get faster salary hikes?

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DIP IFRS Sessions

Your Expert Trainers

Vishal possesses a strong foundation of undertaking DIP IFRS courses – specifically tailored for professionals in accounting, audit and finance. With 16+ years of experience as a trainer, he has hosted multiple training sessions of IFRS. He has successfully managed to broaden the knowledge of aspirants in the theoretical and practical areas of IFRS.

Vishal Thakkar


Formerly the global finance controller at one of India’s largest software companies & author of the best-selling Ind AS book published by CNBC TV-18, Ramanujam possesses formidable subject matter expertise in IFRS. Ramanujam has successfully implemented IFRS in several reputed corporates from financial world, and is a qualified MBA (Finance), Accounting Advisory expert and Ind AS trainer.

Ramanujam Narayan


Nikunj’s strengths lie in analyzing the critical aspects of IFRS. He brings into his teaching methods, his real-life experience of dealing in matters of Revenue, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Share-Based Payments, Consolidation, Internal Controls and Statutory Compliances. He is also an expert in financial statement transitions for companies that have adopted Ind AS and US-GAAP.



With a flair for honing young talent keen on developing professional application of IFRS, Sarang brings in a vast IFRS experience. He has been able to successfully transition his on-job experience of dealing in audits, investigations, GAAP convergence and financial control function into a powerful medium of teaching. Apart from being a Chartered Accountant, he is also a certified Dip IFRS professional.



A Chartered Accountant with global work experience in varied industries, Zaheer’s core competencies include financial controllership & process improvements. He has managed teams of over 150 from multiple geographies, led several Six Sigma Green Belt projects, delivered savings of over $250K, led complex audits like CMMI (Capability and Maturity Model Index) and EMA (Environmental Management Audit). He has also co-authored 20+ titles in audit and economics for leading publishers, and trained 350+ students on ACCA papers over last 5 years.



Ultimate Satisfaction For Our IFRS Training Efforts

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What is the Kind of Job Roles to Expect Post Diploma in IFRS Course Completion?

We provide a wide range of downloadable resources like under:
-IFRS Period Closure checklist for Finance Team Members
-IFRS Period Closure Checklist for Finance Leaders
-IFRS Adoption Template for Finance Leaders
-IFRS Interview Prep Guide
-Real-time Templates for IFRS 15, IFRS 16, IFRS 9, and more
-Handbooks for IAS 19 and IAS 38

What help can you provide in exam registration with ACCA for Dip IFRS along with relevant discount?

We provide you complete hand-holding for registering for the Dip IFRS exam on the ACCA portal, so that you can simply focus on preparing for the exam. And we also extend the full discount (to you) we get as Registered Learning Partner with ACCA for IFRS Certification Course.

What are the additional templates and bonuses that you provide with your online Dip IFRS training course at ConTeTra?

We provide you complete hand-holding for registering for the Dip IFRS exam on the ACCA portal, so that you can simply focus on preparing for the exam. And we also extend the full discount (to you) we get as Registered Learning Partner with ACCA for Diploma in IFRS.

What is the best deal on the total Dip IFRS fees (training and exam) that I have to pay if I opt for Dip IFRS course with ConTeTra and Ramanujam Narayan?

If you compare the holistic set of offerings as part of our Dip IFRS training offering including job assistance, community learning, 1 year access to LIVE sessions and video recordings, lifetime access to subject matter expert for guidance, implementable templates and checklists, comprehensive notes, question bank, access to top scorers, CFO insights, etc., the total fees applicable as of Sept'2021 for Dip IFRS training and exam fees doesn't exceed INR 28,000 - which is the best deal you can get from any IFRS training provider in the market who gives such a comprehensive set of offerings.
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