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Finance to optimise your Bottom Line.
Far too many business have failed due to financial mismanagement than other reasons.
This has deprived many businesses the opportunity to contribute and make a meaningful
impact in the world.
Top 5 Financial Reasons
for Business Failure:
ICON 1-3
Poor Cash Flow

Profitable businesses fall prey to crippling cash flow crises, and liquidity crunch often caused by ineffective operatingpolicies, working capital challenges anddecision driven in absence of futurecash flows certainty.

ICON 2-3
Losing Control
of Finances
Business owners should control their
finances – acknowledging risks and
opportunities – which help minimize
any nasty surprises later.
ICON 3-3
Bad Planning &
Lack of Strategy
“Failing to plan is planning to fail” –
cliched, but true. Quite simply, long-
term planning and short-term
sustainability is key to the success
of any business.
ICON 4-3
Weak Leadership
Poor leadership leads to demotivated and ineffective
teams, which can easily cripple a business. A good leader
on other hand recognises the skills they lack or the jobs
they do not have time for and either employs, outsources
or seeks professional advice to fill those gaps.
ICON 5-3
on key customers
This could lead to business failure if one of your customer
suddenly pulls out – cash flow and profit will take a nosedive.
Offering large discounts in a bid to retain such customers will
only lead to poor. margins over the longer term.
Does finance perform
these roles in your

Identity Risk

Cash Flow
Strategic Decision
Operational Desicion
Business direction
and planning
Short term & Long
term planning

Business insights

Our unique business diagnostic review process & finance mentoring has helped countless businesses in identifying & rectifying red flags in their business models and methods of operations. Delving deep into every function of the business, we provide actionable insights & deliver measurable value.
Why is it important to set up a budget and how does business finance help?
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How does our PCV® tool help
you achieve the above goals?
And lastly the final piece of the
puzzle – Monitoring Cash flows:

Want to leverage best finance practices
to achieve the best for your business?

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