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IFRS is the most trending subject for finance professionals, why?

Effective May 2015, India Inc. has adopted the new accounting standard – Ind AS. These are converged from International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS. With India making this move towards globally accepted accounting standards, it requires the finance professionals to update themselves with this development.

With these four years of adoption of Ind AS, all companies with net worth more than Rs. 250 crores are mandated to report financial statements as per these new standards. Even subsidiaries, holding, and associate Indian companies of the companies meeting the criteria are also required to adopt Ind AS.

In this changing era of financial reporting, ignoring to learn IFRS can be a costly mistake. However, how should one learn IFRS and take most out of it for practical application?

Learning trends too are changing from offline/classroom to online/e-learning, but does this add effectiveness and engagement to the participants?

With the advent of the likes of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the new generation is hooked to the concept of “Video on demand“. This enables one to watch videos whenever they feel like it. This concept has shown very high acceptance when it comes to entertainment. But does this concept extend to the learning as well? Do you look for complete learning course videos on demand that you can view as per your convenience?

If your answer is yes, do you recollect all the online courses you have registered so far and are never able to complete it? So, what value has that added to you? What purpose do these course videos on demand serve you?

The shift from classroom learning to online learning is considered as a technological disruption in the field of learning, but what is getting overlooked is, whether this adds to the learning and knowledge of the learners?

Of course, the e-learning helps bring experts to your laptop, but there are many benefits of classroom training which are lost in this shift. Classroom training enables interaction between participants, clarifying doubts with trainers, engage in discussion with participants, and much more as compared to online learning which is leading to less and less human touch. Further, online learning has one of the biggest drawbacks – It gives us much more freedom then we can handle leading to no value being extracted from the course.

We at ConTeTra have found a middle Path of blend and bring you the advantage of both the learning ways – offline and online. Blended Learning Track (BLT) as we call it is a new way of learning – a learning journey in itself.

With classroom at the centre, BLT explores other online mediums of learning to enable you to learn before and after the classroom. Also, the journey ends with a live project for participants to apply their learning.

Learn IFRS with us and experience a new learning journey for effective and active learning. Further, our trainers are not teachers representing academic world. They are industry professionals with first-hand experience of implementing IFRS, Ind AS and USGAAP in many companies. In the classroom, they don’t just discuss the academic part, but also deal with the real world challenges and examples.

Finance First, ConTeTra’s service vertical is devoted to providing solutions to corporates in the field of finance as well as skill-up their finance team for long term benefits.

Our next batch for Diploma in IFRS begins on 3rd August 2019.

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