Join Us for a FREE 90-minutes Powerhouse Session (in Hindi & English) on Cash Simplified – Unlock your Cash Flow to Run a Smarter Business!

16th October’2021 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m Indian Standard Time (IST)

    100% LIVE. No Recordings.


    Bonuses YOU Get Upon Registration
    Bonuses YOU Unlock After the Webinar
    E-book on Top 20 Major Reasons Why Businesses Fail (in English and Hindi)
    A Real-time Template to Prepare Cash Budget for Your Business for Next 6 Months
    E-Book on Top Ways to Take Control of Your Business Profits
    Template for Ratio Analysis
    Join our exclusive finance knowledge sharing community of entrepreneurs on Whatsapp
    Couple of Videos on Case Studies and Profits
    1000+ Business Owners Reached
    20+ Workshops Conducted for Entrepreneurs
    150+ Businesses On their Way to Financial Transformation
    100% LIVE. No Recordings.

    Key Takeaways

    Learn to make a Cash Flow Budget of next 12 months in our free program. It is simple and jargon free, we even provide a template to do it all by yourself.
    Open your eyes to how larger companies grow every year with finance at the forefront & start implementing the changes suggested by our Subject Matter Expert in the free webinar itself.
    Understand the most common reasons of business failure which are all linked to Finance + Get the top strategies / action items to be adopted by every SME post lockdown to avoid failure and get on the path of sustainability as well as scalability!

    Who Should Attend?

    Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Someone from Business Leadership team, SMEs, Startup Owner, Franchise Owner, Co-founders & Directors

    WHY Should an Entrepreneur / SME Business Owner Attend this Webinar?

    • Setting Right Price for Profit
      Profit will always be elusive till the price is right. Right price will cover cost, build market perception and bring customer increased value. Find out why getting the right price is the fundamental pillar of business success.
    • To get profit out of every sale
      Unless Fixed Cost is recovered, monthly profit beyond break-even point will never be achieved. Find out why is it essential to break even every month to keep your head above the water and focus on making profit out of every sale done.
    • Improved Cash Flow Management
      A Sale is a gift to a customer until the money is received. The #1 reason why businesses fail is improper cashflow management. Find out why Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity but CASH is reality in business.
    • Setting SMARTER Financial Goals
      Financial Goal Setting is a discipline better learnt in class than experience. Unless we budget the future, we are just reacting in business. Find out how to build proactive business by taking maximum advantages of opportunities in store in future.
    • Making Better Financial Decisions
      Data driven decisions differentiates between blind gamblers and smart business owners. Find out why, what gets measured, gets done is the universal truth.
    • Taking Control of Your Finances
      Even a Car is very difficult to be driven without a dashboard. Find out why MIS provides complete control of business to owners and how can they leverage the power of Finance to achieve next level of business growth!

    Who is the Speaker?


    Co-founder & CEO at ConTeTra| Corporate Finance Trainer | Finance for Non Finance Trainer & Author | Adjunct Faculty at SP Jain for Business Owners | Finance Mentor for SMEs / Startups | VAT & GST Expert | Author of CNBC Published Finance Books | Owner of Finance YouTube Channel |Qualified CA + MBA (Finance)

    In 15+ years of hands-on coaching & mentoring various professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders, Vishal has created a mark in the industry in the finance education space. His vision in life is to empower people and companies, and help them solve their financial challenges. He believes that his purpose in life is achieved if he can bring positive changes in the financial lives of people. Vishal has been recording finance training products for retail audience and also conducting in-house corporate batches for various finance topics.

    He has trained over 15,000 corporate professionals and over 1200 SMEs / entrepreneurs so far in Finance. He has initiated a business finance transformation movement for SMEs / entrepreneurs which not only involves teaching business finance nuances, but also implementing and reviewing them in real-time.

    Major Highlights for Vishal Thakkar:

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