FFNF Video Series Freelance Professional

The Freelance Professional’s Edition

Over 70% of Freelancing Professionals fail to sustain not because of lack of work, but due to lack of finance and cash management skills.

Become a Successful Freelance Professional Working on His / Her Own Terms Who :

  effectively manage Finances on the Professional & Personal Front

  take critical business decisions Backed By Data to Scale at the Right Time

 identify revenue leakages, Handles Recovery from Clients and Effectively Manages Cash Flow to Future Proof this Freelancing Business

By Spending Just 15 Minutes Daily for the Next 18 Days to Learn Finance in a Jargon-free Manner and Scale Your Freelancing Business

by 10x – Even If you don’t have any qualification in Finance!


Gain finance acumen in just 5 hours of learning,
to effectively manage your business

despite your non-finance background

without getting confused about cash management,
budgeting, working capital & important financial ratios

by implementing our easy-to-use templates, that have helped countless entrepreneurs in managing their business finances!

Not an entrepreneur?

This course can be immensely valuable even if you are:
◉ Non-Finance Manager (HR, Procurement, Sales, IT, )
◉ Department Head
◉ Student of the humanities who want to excel in their career
◉ Non-finance MBA/Masters student
◉ Freelancers Leadership Teams of SMEs

Get in touch with us for group corporate trainings
customised as per your business finance requirements!
Email: shivangi.trivedi@contetra.com

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Free Download of Financial Statements eBook + Video on Different Types of Profits


    Vishal Thakkar & ConTeTra curated a comprehensive workshop to nurture finance acumen in employees, resulting in an effective workforce with every bit of knowledge about the business!

    ConTeTra's subject matter experts created a training program to spread GST literacy amongst our dealer network across North and South India. The best part? The concepts were explained in a simple, lucid way which was easily understood!
    For our 150+ employees, inculcating better decision-making and finance planning was the objective. ConTeTra's expert trainers covered all relevant topics including project management and finance budgeting.

    Get in touch with us for group corporate trainings customised
    as per your business finance requirements!


    You will get complete access to the course videos, templates and our knowledge sharing community within 24 hours of your purchase.

    Once you purchase the course, we will courier the book on the next working day. You should receive it in 5 to 6 working days.

    In addition to our power-packed 25 videos, we’re also giving you:
    • The best-seller hardcover edition of ‘Finance for Non Finance’ (doesn’t get better than this)
    • Our ready-to-use excel templates, ebooks.
    • Access to our knowledge sharing community with regular finance content

    No, it’s not just about videos. This product provides you a comprehensive set involving 25 recorded videos, physical book on Finance for Non-Finance (published by CNBC TV18)

    You have understood this wrong. This Finance for Managers course is a must-attend for every non-finance executive so that you can understand the nuances associated with every corporate / business decision that apparently has a financial impact. Whether you want to present an effective case for your performance as a corporate professional, or strike a few good client deals as a self-employed or freelancing professional, or take cost-effective business decisions as an entrepreneur, or invest for the long term in the right stocks as an equity investor – you can buy this finance for non finance managers online course to climb up the corporate ladder quickly or ensure your business scales up at a faster pace or become a highly successful freelance / self-employed professional.

    No, you are not supposed to download any application to view the entire set of videos. You can complete this finance course online from your preferred browser and without blocking any space on your phone / tablet / laptop.

    This book has over 250 pages of content, practical exercises, and self-assessment questions – which will roughly take you around a week’s time to finish reading.

    We will be having discussions and polls every month in our community (of which you will be a part of) and the topic of the video will be around the most trending demand / need of our existing learners. Also, these videos will cover specific finance areas relevant for you to understand – as a student or as a business owner or as a corporate professional or as a freelance professional or as a stock market investor or as a trainer or as any other self-employed professional.

    It is the same ‘Finance for Non Finance’ course – the names may be different, but we have covered all the major topics in the videos and the book, as well as provided practical experience with different case studies and templates. Also, our knowledge sharing community and the ‘12 videos over 12 months’ offering will cover lot of stuff that is trending in the world of finance to keep you upgraded.

    The only pre-requisite is to be really serious about learning finance. Once you have this learning aptitude, you would benefit the most from this Finance for Non Finance professionals program.

    Yes, this is a certification course on finance for non finance people as you are eligible to get a certificate once you manage to successfully complete the training!

    One of the USPs of our finance for non finance executives online course is that it would be continuously updated. In fact, most of the content will be relevant even after a few years and we shall even be uploading 1 new video every month on most in-demand topics, as per real-time discussions in our finance knowledge sharing community. You will also be invited to our special webinars / Ask the Expert sessions to connect with the subject matter experts directly and enhance your learning.        

    The whole objective behind this finance training program is to make you capable enough so that you can understand finance from close quarters and go deep into the subject in areas of your choice. So, if investments and financial planning are your preferred areas, you would definitely become a highly knowledgeable person who uses the right approach and data to take financial decisions impacting their investments. And you will be able to guide others using the same approach – but you have to become a certified financial advisor before you start guiding others. Your first aim should be to stop depending completely on others for any finance related decisions or advisory.

    Rated 4.7 out of 5
    4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

    No Title

    Rated 4 out of 5
    April 8, 2021

    As a freelancer, I have to take care of all finance related aspects like billing, tax filing, cashflow, revenue. This finance for non finance is so simple to understand that I have already started seeing better cash flow for my freelance setup.

    Amar Kachare

    No Title

    Rated 5 out of 5
    April 8, 2021

    Lucid, well detailed and highly relevant – this is my feedback of the finance for non finance online videos by Mr.Vishal and Contetra.


    No Title

    Rated 5 out of 5
    April 8, 2021

    Always focused on core skills and never imagined finance is so critical. A must undergo a finance training program for every freelancer who dreams to scale it big. Have benefitted a lot from the knowledge community as well that has given me two clients already.

    Pankaj Sakpal
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