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Saturday 12th September 2020 at 3 PM

HR Reckoning : Transforming There Budgeting & Bottom – Line Numbers

Key Takeaways

Understanding the analysis and utilisation of historical data, financial information, and performance results from every department.
Enhancing the readiness to consider funds allocation for training, hiring, salaries, employee engagement and wellness, talent management, and more.

Session Agenda

The above webinar will give HR professionals a holistic perspective on how to approach the budget planning for the entire year. It shall throw light on using a systematic approach towards the HR budget and without hesitation to tackle numbers in terms of funds allocation for various HR responsibilities and initiatives. At the end of the webinar, HR professionals will feel super confident on preparing a realistic and comprehensive budget for the coming year!

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Who is the Speaker?


In 14+ years of hands on coaching & mentoring leaders, Vishal has created a mark in the industry in the finance education space. Vishal’s vision in life is to empower people and help them solve their financial challenges. He believes that his purpose in life is achieved if he can bring positive changes in the financial lives of people. Vishal is a qualified Chartered Accountant, MBA (Fin), GFMB faculty at SP Jain School of Global Management, fundraiser, facilitator, IFRS expert, author of CNBC published finance books, and owner of Finance Tube YouTube channel.

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