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An entity breached the provision of a 3 year loan arrangement before the end of the reporting period due to which the liability has become payable on demand. However, after the reporting date but before approval of the financial statements, the lender has agreed not to demand payment as a consequence of the breach. How should the obligation be classified on the reporting date

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In valuation of inventory the fixed production overheads are allocated based on which measure?

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The leasing standard Ind AS 116 is not applicable to short term lease and lease of assets which the underlying value is low?

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A contract is or contain a lease if it has which of the following feature?

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Compulsorily convertible preference share convertible at fixed number of shares will be classified as?

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Customer buys an industrial AC and post-sales maintenance pack for USD 1,200. PQR sells the AC on its own for USD 1,000. PQR sells the maintenance pack on its own for USD 500. at what price should the revenue from AC be recorded?

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"Company XYZ bought a machine on 1.April. 2016 that helps them produce widgets. The machine cost $30,000 and is expected to last 10 years. It's salvage value is $3,000. Due to slow-down the machine was out of use for a period of one year from 1.April.2017 to 31.March 2018.

Calculated depreciation charge for the year 2018-19 as per SLM."

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If one large asset has a number of individual components with different useful lives, how should this be depreciated?

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Redeemable preference shares issued with 5% fixed dividend each year subject to availability of distributable profits will be classified as?

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How can a company determine if any assets are stolen?

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Employee benefits can be classified into how many types?

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Gratuity is which type of employment benefit?

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"An entity operates a website that enables customers to purchase good from a range of suppliers who deliver the goods directly to the customer. When a good is purchased via the website, the entity is entitled to a commission of 10% of the sales price.

In this situation, the entity is acting as an agent or principal?"

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A single contract with a customer could include more than one performance obligation and it is necessary to identify each performance obligation in the contract. True or False?

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Which item forms part of the statement of other comprehensive income?

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What is the step no. 3 to the 5-step revenue model?

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Which criteria needs to be evaluated to determine whether an instrument is debt or equity?

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A gym owner enters into contract with a customer for one year of access to any of its gym facilities for an annual payment of Rs. 5,000. How should the revenue be recognised?

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Which of the following is not a component of a Statement of Financial Position?

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How should an asset be initially recognised in the financial statements?

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