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Thursday 27th August 2020 at 3 PM

Unlocking the Business and Commercial Side of IFRS / IND AS

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Key Takeaways

Getting clarity on the various areas that will be impact financial reporting, which in turn will have a larger impact on business.
Developing an understanding that every accounting transaction has got a commercial substance.
Getting familiarized with certain key concepts of IFRS.
How IFRS impacts the larger valuation?

Major Pain Point to be Addressed

How lack of clarity about IFRS impacts the business?

Session Agenda

The above webinar will focus on the overall business and finance impact (more so on the company ratings and valuations) resulting from the key financial reporting .It shall make finance professionals be ready for the practical challenges during closure of books.

Who Should Attend?

CA Practioners, Finance Managers, Finance Controllers, CFO’s, Accountant, VP Finance, M&A Professionals, Tax Professionals, Investment Banking professionals.

Past Webinars

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Who is the Speaker?

Ramanujam Narayan

This webinar will be hosted by Ramanujam Narayan, who has been a Global Finance Controller, Accounting advisory expert, Indian GAAP professional, and IND AS trainer. He has significant subject matter expertise in IFRS implementation and training projects. He is an author, a consultant, a trainer and an adjunct professor with Jindal Global University. With over 11 years of industry experience and having donned the hat of a Fin Controller for Geometric Ltd & HCL Technologies Ltd.

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